Semi-permanent make-up i-finity

The Blake and Butler Beauty Clinic is now offering a full range of semi permanent makeup treatments. Book now online or call the salon on 01904 625992



Microblading £250

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Powder brow £290

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Ombré brow £290

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Combination Brow £290

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Eye Enhancement £190

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Eyeliner £220

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Lip blush £260

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Lip liner £165

(Includes a 5 week top up)

Yearly colour boost £90




Microblading, also referred to as Eyebrow Embroidery and Eye brow Feathering is perfect for who want to fully reshape, define, enhance their arch, or fill in gaps from over plucked eyebrows. The results can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like.

Microblading is a form of semi permanent make up that resembles real brow hairs. During the microblading process a hand held specialist tool is used to create individual hair strokes one by one into your natural eyebrow. After this specialist skin pigment is deposited into the skin. Because the specialist pigment Is implanted close to the surface the strokes appear more fine and therefore more natural looking.


Hair strokes (Machine Method)

Hair Strokes brows are done by a machine and the results are very similar to microblading . A super fine flexible needle allows me to create fine crisp hair strokes .The results are very natural looking beautifully defined brows. The hair stoke method is ideal for those with no brows, sparse brows, gaps or scars and for those who want more definition or a different shape.


Combination Brows

Combination Brows are the ultimate brow treatment. It offers the best of permanent brow techniques, hairs strokes and powdered effect. The head of the brow is feathered with hair strokes whilst the tail of the brow is defined with the powered technique. The combination brow gives the ultimate definition whilst still allowing the brow to look natural. Combination Brows are ideal for clients who want that balance between a striking and natural brow.


Ombre Brow

Ombre Brows are the very latest trend in cosmetic tattooing; they are perfect for clients who want their brows to look full and defined without that ‘tattooed look’.

The Ombre brow has a faded effect at the head of the brow which gradually becomes darker towards the tail and the soft diffused edges make this brow look more natural.


Powder Brow

The Powdered Brow is a semi permanent tattoo which gives the brow a powered and more defined finish throughout the whole brow. Once the powdered brows have healed, you will enjoy a permanent, defined but soft powdered brow that will complement the rest of your face. Powdered brows are idea for clients who want their brows to look bold and defined.


Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a semi permanent lip treatment which achieves beautifully blushed and shaped lips. This is done by using a pigment colour very close to the clients own natural lip colour (possibly a shade darker) on the outline of the clients lips. Towards the centre of the lips a lighter pigment colour similar to the clients own lip colour will be spread very lightly which will give the lips a blushed look. The pigment will be applied so light that it looks as if the client has a tinted lip balm on 24 hours a day This will gives the illusion of fuller more defined lips.

Also the Cupids bow of the lip can also be defined and shaped and this can make the lips look fuller without them looking false. This treatment is a great alternative to lip fillers and can look as natural or as vibrant as the client wishes.



Expertly applied eyeliner can make a dramatic difference in the expression of the eyes and overall impression of the face. Permanent eyeliner should enhance and define the shape of the eyes, bring out the natural eye colour, lift the eye, make lashes appear thicker and create a more youthful appearance.

The eyeliner is applied by using a very fine needle which creates a line at the top or bottom of the eyelid. Eyeliner creates a more youthful and striking appearance.


Eyelash Enhancement

Eye Lash Enhancement is similar to permanent eyeliner except it enhances the eyes in a softer and more subtle way. The main difference is that this method applies more pigment to the lid area which makes the eyes stand out. The pigment is brushed on to the lid which makes the eyes stand out without the obvious liner. Eyelash enhancement can be done to the top or the bottom if the lid.


Question and Answers

No, with all of the permanent all procedures anaesthetic is applied before and throughout the procedure. Many clients are surprised with how comfortable the procedure is.
Any permanent tattoo and can last anywhere between 1-2 years before a top up is due however this depends on skin type.
Yes, the shape and colour will be discussed at the consultation, and on the day of the procedure the eyebrow shape is drawn on beforehand.
Yes, clients with no eyebrows are the perfect candidate for any of the permanent makeup procedures.
A patch test and a mini consultation is required before any treatment takes place. This is so we can discuss what type of eyebrow shape you want and also choose pigmentation colours. Also bring pictures of eyebrows that you like the shape of.