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We are now able to offer nail services 6 days a week, book your appointment now or call 01904 625992. Walk in appointments sometimes available.



File & Gel £21

30 mins

File & Polish £21

30 mins

Gel Manicure £35

1 hour

Gel Pedicure £35

1 hour

Natural Manicure £25
Standard Manicure (with polish) £30
Removal £15

15 mins

Spa Manicure £40

1 hour

Spa Pedicure £40

1 hour

Spa Mani/Gel £45

1 hour

Spa Pedi/Gel £45

1 hour


Acrylic Nails

REBALANCE £28 - £30


Manicures - more information

The main differences between a soak-off Gel manicure and conventional one are as follows:

  • Soak-off gels, are harder wearing than normal varnish, lasting two-three weeks.
  • They are instantly dry when you leave the salon, so no risk of smudging.
  • The rock hard finish keeps its shine for the duration of the manicure.
  • Gels require 10-15 minutes of soaking in acetone to remove. This can leave the nail a little dehydrated, but cuticle oil and a good hand cream will rectify this.
  • Conventional manicures use a varnish which lasts for up to a week, but is vulnerable to chipping.
  • The drying time can be several hours to be rock hard.
  • The varnish can fade, swimming and detergents can reduce the shine.
  • It is easy to remove with a good quality non-acetone remover and the product should not negatively affect the nail.

Home kits and cheap ‘nail bars’ should be avoided because the nail plate can be severely jeopardised by inferior products, poor application, harsh buffing of the nail plate and aggressive removal. Poor hygiene can leave the nail infected and permanently damaged.

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