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We are now able to offer nail services 6 days a week, book your appointment now or call 01904 625992. Walk in appointments sometimes available.


Shellac/gelish manicure £30.00
We use the two top brands in Gel manicures: CND shellac and O.P.I. Both have strong ethics, to preserve the health of the nail and ensure their products do ‘no harm’. Find out more about the difference types of manicure below
Nail Enhancements – gel/acrylic £40.00
We use pre-formed tips that are bonded with adhesive to your own existing nail. Your  nails are lightly buffed to remove the shine to ensure the enhancements stick successfully. Tips instantly lengthen your nails, and can be worn as a natural nail or with polish or shellac. They are removed either by soaking in acetone or filing off depending on the product used. It is important to us that the nail plate is not over buffed so no unnecessary damage occurs.

None of our product contain MMA (Methyl  Methacrylate). It is a dangerous chemical which can cause permanent damage to your nail and health. It is banned in the USA but may be used for nail extensions in the UK.

We never use electric files at The Beauty Clinic.

Gel Overlays £30.00
This adds a thin, flexible, lightweight protection to perfect and smooth the surface of the natural nail. It is a great way to get your natural nails in good condition as they will grow stronger with the gel enhancement.
Gel Break Repair £25.00
Nail Art  £10.00
You can choose to contrast a few colours together on your nails or opt for just one colour. Little gems can be added for a special occasion or just to add a bit of sparkle. Visit a nail bar for a glam session and let your hands do the talking.
Repair £5.00 per nail
From time to time it may be necessary to repair a broken or damaged nail.
Rebalance £35.00
Maintenance for nail enhancements. This should be carried out every 2-3 weeks to ensure balanced fresh looking nails.
Removal £15.00 (free if combined with other treatment)
This service is complimentary if part of a follow up appointment. It is important nail enhancements or shellac manicure is removed professionally to avoid damage to the nails.
Callus Peel Treatment £20.00
File & Polish £15.00
This includes a shape, cuticle tidy and O.P.I. polish.
Spa manicure £30.00
Treat your hands to this complete care package which includes an exfoliation, mask and massage, finishing with cuticle care, nail file and O.P.I polish (optional).
Spa pedicure £40.00
Enjoy the benefits of this luxurious pedicure. This service includes an exfoliation, mask, massage, file and O.P.I. polish (optional).


Men’s Nails

Manicure £20.00
Shape, cuticle tidy, and moisturiser
SPA Manicure £28.00
Shape, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, mask and massage
Pedicure £25.00
Shape, cuticle tidy, hard skin removal and moisturiser
SPA Pedicure £35.00
Shape, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, mask, hard skin removal and massage


Manicures – more information

The main differences between a soak-off Gel manicure and conventional one are as follows:

  • Soak-off gels, are harder wearing than normal varnish, lasting two-three weeks.
  • They are instantly dry when you leave the salon, so no risk of smudging.
  • The rock hard finish keeps its shine for the duration of the manicure.
  • Gels require 10-15 minutes of soaking in acetone to remove. This can leave the nail a little dehydrated, but cuticle oil and a good hand cream will rectify this.
  • Conventional manicures use a varnish which lasts for up to a week, but is vulnerable to chipping.
  • The drying time can be several hours to be rock hard.
  • The varnish can fade, swimming and detergents can reduce the shine.
  • It is easy to remove with a good quality non-acetone remover and the product should not negatively affect the nail.

Home kits and cheap ‘nail bars’ should be avoided because the nail plate can be severely jeopardised by inferior products, poor application, harsh buffing of the nail plate and aggressive removal. Poor hygiene can leave the nail infected and permanently damaged.


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