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Scalp Micropigmentation by Louise

Hair loss solutions for all

Within my circle of family and friends, there are hairdressers, barbers and trichologists. Some of them have forms of alopecia, whilst others have experienced or treated hair loss, so I’m very familiar with the impact of thinning hair.

After investigating many different hair loss solutions, I discovered Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) a few years ago and found the simplicity & permanence of the treatment extremely compelling for men and particularly for women.

Bringing hairlines forward and adding density can take years off a man’s appearance. Importantly for women, it’s an effective way of providing an illusion of density. Reducing the contrast between hair and scalp, enabling women to change & style their hair with increased confidence.

SMP is a form of scalp tattoo, but the ink, needles & technique is very different. I use a tiny needle and organic pigment specifically designed for SMP, to produce very fine follicle like impressions. Typically 3 sessions are required to build up a camouflage effect, reducing the contrast between hair and scalp. Results are permanent and generally a top up session/refresh is required every 4-6 years, depending on lifestyle.

“I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve the best outcome for them personally. I love what I do and take pride in providing a responsible service.

I appreciate the physical & psychological wellbeing of my clients, helping them to lead everyday lives with confidence is a genuine privilege for me.”

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